3 R\'s

Sosyal ve Kültürel Faaliyetler

Projenin Başlama/Bitiş Tarihi:

08 Ekim 2021 - 29 Nisan 2022

Projenin Uygulandığı Yer:

Turkey, Georgia and Romania

Projeyi Düzenleyen Kurum:

Gazi Ortaokulu - Merkez / Artvin

Projenin Ana Koordinatörü:

Gülşah Şimşek

Projenin Amacı:

To create awareness about climate change, global warming, protecting the nature and human life both in local and in global7 - To accelerate the process of using recyclable products, recycle bins and 3 R’s, globally - To touch the soil and to get rid of stress - To make pupils involve in interactive activities - To give learners and teachers an opportunity to take place on the same Project with foreigners - To develop positive attitude towards protecting the nature - To give students chance to express themselves in target language with all four skills and acquire the words and phrases about saving the planet - To create a learner centred atmosphere and active learning habits - To improve their creativity, problem solving and research skills - To encourage students to think in terms of positive interdepence and in cooperative learning - To develop students’ multiple intelligences, technological skills and Web 2.0 tools

Projenin Uygulama Adımları:

Add Students to twinspace

Between October and November

Use Web 2.0 tools

a)      Prepare avatars of students and teachers with PIXTON

b)      Make your avatar talk to introduce students with CHATTERPIX

c)      Make animation videos with RENDERFOREST

d)      Prepare Word Game related to “Save the Nature “

Between October and December

Social Media

From the beginning  to the end of the project

Arrange Meeting

a)      In next meeting, students and teachers will meet, introduce themselves and their schools

In December

Prepare short video to introduce their city and Project and share them on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twinspace.

Until the 3rd week of December

Parental Permission Letter

Until the second week of December

Open a file with your name and your school name in Twinspace so that you can share your videos and photos there.


Until the last week of December


Logo Competition

a)      Students prepare logo

b)      Sending the logos

c)       Preparing the survey on google forms and send the link to all

d)      Vote and choose the logo of the project

In December

Two weeks to prepare

One week to vote and survey


Prepare posters

a)      Prepare posters with CANVA or something like that online

b)      Share them on whatsapp group, Facebook group and Instagram Account and Twinspace.

Until February

Prepare a billboard at school


In January

Eco-friendly Dictionary of “Save the Planet” with pictures online or video

In February

Write a Poem about nature

In February

Plant trees and flowers

In March

Shooting a short movie about nature together

In March

Get recycle bins to your school

Until March

Marching to make people aware of the natural phenomena

a)      Prepare banners and posters

b)      Shout slogans

c)      Shoot Videos

In the first week of April

Arrange a night to play musical instruments

a)      Preparing a poster of the night


In the second week of April



Projenin Çıktıları:

At the end of the Project,
Students will be able to;
- understand that it is quite evident that these problems will have been overcome in the near future only if people follow these steps and save the earth
get in the habit of protecting the nature
- play an active role in target language and improve their language skills and subskills like vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar structures
learn to work in collaboratively
-develop Project based learning and problem solving skills
- be motivated for English
- use Web 2 tools
- A youtube channel to share the activities
- Planted flowers and trees
- Active twinspace
- Recycle bins and nature friendly calendar
- Presentations, posters, videos, eco friendly "Save the Planet" dictionary
- Words and phrases games in Web 2 tools

 P.S.: The social media accounts of the project are written below.







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Gazi Ortaokulu - Merkez / Artvin

Gülşah Şimşek

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